Nature of Transition

Nature speaks directly to our souls through symbols and lets our souls speak through feelings. It is a dialogue of seeing and feeling held in presence. A life change is an opportunity to hear a subtle but powerful call of your soul.  Agni


In times of change, we may need to come back to our true nature to find new ways of life. Nature around us can be our guide and healer. The soul can recover and unfold like a strong tree when the connection with nature is re-established. Our psyche (soul) is deep down like nature. Nevertheless, if we live a civilized life, we usually lose this fundamental connection with the Earth. There are transforming and enriching ways to reconnect with nature within and without. Presence of nature invites the the presence in us. Symbolism of the nature is the primary language of your soul. Read further to reflect on it.


Coconut Tree and a Circle of Change 

What do you need to let go to give space for new leaves of life? What have you lost? What is abundant, and nutritious, like fruits, in your life?  Which leaves do not belong to your tree of life? What is diminishing? What needs to be nurtured to grow, like a seed?




Natural change of a coconut tree is an evocative metaphor of life transition. New fronds grow, mature ones take the most of space, old ones turn brown and then they fall down. Such process takes place in ourselves. When we are aware of it, it becomes easier to navigate through a sea of life changes. Do you know that a coconut is a seed, a fruit, and a nut? It is a fibrous one-seeded dry drupe!? A drupe is a fruit in which a flesh encompasses a hardened part which houses a seed inside. In a coconut, it is easy to confuse the fruit with the seed. It may be crucial to distinguish between the seed and the fruit in our own lives. What are seeds of your new life? How do the need to be nurtured? What are fruits of your life?



What would you see, if you were a Flying Fox? 

When hurricane of changes turns things upside down, a megabat gives freedom that comes from taking a revered position

Can you look through the eyes of a furry, red flying fox? How you see your life from such reversed position?


Flying foxes are huge furry reddish bats living in India that look surreal when they sleep in their black wing-cocoons.   They are powerful symbols of taking a reversed perspective. Flying fox- megabat gives freedom that comes from a world seen upside down. Can you see your life from a reversed perspective? Can you look through the eyes of a furry, red flying fox? Be like a megabat, who sleeps during the day upside down and flies in the night. Try a new way of living, leaving the obvious behind, hand upside down, letting the old assumptions fall magnetized by the gravitational force.


What would you do if you were Garuda?

What would you do if you were not afraid to do it?



The Brahmani kite, an Indian Eagle, is considered the contemporary representation of Garuda. Garuda in Hinduism is as a divine eagle-like sun bird and birds’ king. He appears in many myths and religions as a powerful symbol of power, courage that combines animalistic, human, and divine qualities.Garuda does not necessarily have to only be an external symbol. If it is internalized, it becomes a personal symbol. Then he can speak inside yourself, from within your heart.


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