Individual Retreats

Individual Transition Nature Retreats 

Individual transition nature retreat is a holistic psycho-spiritual program addressed for people who experience significant life changes. During the retreat, people intentionally disconnect from civilized and virtual reality and related habitual ways of living. Especially in profound life changes and transitions, separation from familiar and usual ways of functioning is fundamental for opening new life forms and possibilities. It is a time of self-care, a break during which you enter a healing relationship with nature, coach, teacher, and possibly your retreat partner. 

 Establishing or Deepening a Therapeutic, Dialogical Relationship with Nature.

The fundamental idea under a transition nature retreat is re-establishing or deepening a therapeutic, dialogical sacred relationship with nature. During a retreat, we address nature as a teacher and therapist. Wilderness can become our guide, source of wisdom in changes and life transitions. It offers us a path back to the place of our inner nature, from where a new life can unfold and grow like a sprout. Such therapeutic relationship is established through specific contemplative practices. 

 Yoga Practice

The retreat includes the daily practice of yoga. Yoga enhances embodied presence and facilitates letting go of the mind-work. Yoga is a spiritual practice of presence and embodied training of attention. It opens us up for the connection with nature beyond the mind. A healing relationship with nature can be established only from the presence and receptive openness. Daily yoga practice is like cultivating the soil for the transformation that can happen during a nature retreat.

 Individual psychological work allows to deepen, understand and facilitate the process of awareness and transformation. During the sessions, we focused on feelings and questions that come up during the process of retreat. During significant life changes, there can be many intense emotions that need to be processed psychologically.

 Meditation, yoga, and psychological interventions work together but on different levels. In this psycho-spiritual approach, we address these different levels; we work with emotions and awareness.

During this program, the coach’s role is to facilitate your therapeutic relations with nature and strengthen your inner emotional compass. The role of a teacher is to teach you yoga, breathing, and meditation techniques that facilitate your awareness. It is recommended to have a retreat partner, a person with whom you can discuss your practices and feelings.


The retreat program consists of;  

  • Individual coaching/therapy sessions
  • Yoga and breathing exercises 
  • Yoga Nidra
  • Instructions for daily practices and meditations
  • Journaling and other creative tasks
  • peer coaching based on given instructions


The program is individualized according to one’s needs and questions.


Contact us for an online intake session to discuss your needs and a form of retreat that can answer them the best. 


Upcoming Retreats 


March 2022: 3 week retreat in Agonda, India, Goa


March 2022- 1week forest retreat in Agonda, Goa


October, November, December, 2021: Yoga and Meditation Retreat

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