Forest Life-Change Retreats

 Why not go to the forest for a while, literally? Sometimes a tree can tell you more than what can be read in books.



A forest retreat is an inner journey of self-discovery and transformation in a deep encounter with nature, teachers and other participants. A retreat takes place in silence and empowering dialogues. Through the connection with nature, we can reconnect with our deep natural self. Nature retreats combine an ancient spiritual tradition of a forest retreat with a profound psychological guidance to connect with our inner source of natural wisdom that becomes the most important guide through the life changes. Nature is an enormous source of wisdom and presence. It is such a wonderful guide, if we can open up for a profound encounter with it. But we should not leave the natural wisdom outside. Empowering function of nature is in its potential to facilitate contact with our natural soul and presence. The purpose of a forest retreat is to connect with your own inner guru, your natural presence and inner compass. 




  Spiritual Tradition of Forest Retreats  

Forest retreat has been a common practice of spiritual seekers in ancient India for thousands of years. People who seek spiritual transformation retreat themselves in the nature to discover their deep true nature. They abandon civilized life to stay in the wilderness. The Buddha was enlightened in the forest, he taught in the forest, and died in the forest. Many of his greatest disciples were dedicated forest dwellers who maintained a renunciant lifestyle. Buddha recommended Araññik’anga, forest dweller’s Practice as an importance part of ascetic life. It is not necessary to change the life style so dramatically and become a forest dweller to experience transforming power of a retreat in the nature.



Om Yoga Shala Agonda, India

Forest life change retreats in Om Yoga Shala in Goa, provide an immersive meditation, yoga and life change focused group work experience. During this retreat we work in a close relation with nature, including nature focused meditation and practices. Retreats take place in Agonda, Goa, in a beautiful retreat centre (Om Yoga Shala) located on a boundary of a jungle, nearby a scenic pristine, peaceful beach.  During the jungle retreats participants receive a detailed guidance how to meditate in nature and deepen awareness in contact with nature. They keep a special retreat journal, that includes deepening questions and relevant practices. The discoveries, feelings and the process can be shared and deepened in a dialogue, during group sessions or individual talks with the teacher and coach.  During such a retreat the nature becomes also a teacher, a therapist, a friend, a witness or a partner in a transformative dialogue and your inner journey. When you are in a jungle, you are a part of it, when you are in a desert, you become a part of the desert, if you go to meditate in Himalaya caves, you become also a part of that natural system. This will be transformative, if we open up to the direct experience, to its novelty and uniqueness, dropping the thick curtain of our past stories, and letting ourselves be surprised by what comes naturally. During a retreat we introduce intense practice of meditation that helps to be present and open to the natural environment.


Upcoming Retreats


October & November 2021: 3 week retreat in Agonda, India, Goa


October & November 2021 1-week forest retreat in Agonda, Goa


October, November, December, 2021: Yoga and Meditation Retreat

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