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Composition Work Method


Composition work is a contemplative creative therapy method that uses the power of natural symbols to increase awareness, facilitate growth and transformation in times of life changes. The method is based on the internationally known theory of the Dialogical Self (Hermans, 2000), the tradition of Japanese Zen gardens, and universal natural symbolism. The method has been originated by dr. Agnieszka Konopka and prof. Hubert Hermans in 2006. It has been developed in cooperation with many international colleagues: Dr. Wim van Beers, Dr. Tan Wufeng, Dr. Joanne Zhang, Drs Ton Voogt, Drs Lily Chen, and Drs Wilson Zhang, prof. Masayoshi Morioka, prof. Tatsuya Sato. It is used and published internationally. Learn more about about composition work method and related retreat programs.  

Nature Life-Change Retreats


Our nature retreats are based on the Composition Work Method and broader psycho-spiritual work with nature. Combined with profound yoga and meditation practice, they are a holistic, psycho-eco-spiritual approach that allows people experiencing significant life changes to undergo healing and growth on all these levels. Our programs are delivered internationally and at Om Yoga Shala in Goa and guided by Dr. Agnieszka Konopka and Yogi, Sanjeev Dutta.

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Composition Work 

Practitioners in China

Dr. Agnieszka Konopka has delivered 16 editions of practitioners Composition Work Training and varied workshops, in China, USA, The Netherlands, Poland, Brazil, Mexico, UK, and Spain in cooperation with Dr. Wim van Beers, prof Hubert Hermans, Prof Robert Neimeyer, Dr. Joanne Zhang.

Practitioners Training in China (12 groups from 2014) has been delivered by dr Agnieszka Konopka in cooperation with Dr Wim van Beers, Dr Joanne Zhang, Dr Tan Wufeng, Drs Lily Chen, and Drs Wilson Zhang

Training for Practitioners and Community based on Dialogical Self Theory and Composition Work has been developed and inspired by INSPIRE GROUP in China

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