Dr Agnieszka Konopka,

Writer & Cambridge University Press Author

Eco-psychologist & Therapist

Meditation Teacher

Agnieszka (Agni) was born in Poland, left school at age of 16 to follow her call for freedom and interest in Eastern philosophy. She finished her psychology study, made dissertation in psychology of emotions and became a psychotherapist. She owned a private practice for 14 years in The Netherlands. Agni developed an art-therapy method: Composition Work, focused on use of natural symbols to explore deep layers of the psyche and emotions. She co-founded International Institute for Dialogical Self, and worked as associated Director for Portland Institute for Loss and Transition. She gave trainings, workshops, presentations and retreats in China, The Netherlands, USA, Poland, UK, Italy, Brazil, Mexico, Belgium, India and Japan. She published her work with Cambridge University Press and Routledge. During her 1,5 year long forest retreat in Goa, she has been working on her recent book: Jungle Retreat Book and taught meditation to Indian people. She believes that nature is a great therapist and source of wisdom. She takes a position of co-therapist, a forest retreat facilitator inspiring people who undergo significant life changes to develop a healing, sacred relationship with nature.   



During my 1,5 year forest retreat in India the nature guided me back home to the place of my soul that was lost in my previous civilized-rationalized life. My existential unrest has been transformed into peace coming from the experience of the divine that shines through the tremendous beauty of nature. I like to give what I received. We need to re-establish the sacred bond with nature to heal the human soul and protect life. Agni

Yogi Sanjeev Dutta,

Teacher of Yoga Teachers

International Yoga Teacher


Sanjeev Dutta was born in an Indian family of Brahmins, which is a linage of traditional teachers and priests. He became an engineer, worked in multinational corporations, and owned related business. Influenced by existential experiences and a deep inner call, he chose Yoga’s path and continues his old family root-tradition of spiritual teaching. He held a Yoga school in Jaipur for more than ten years. Then he moved to Goa, Agonda, to continue his teachings, yoga teacher training, and retreats. He owns Om Yoga Shala, a yoga school affiliated to Yoga Alliance, USA.
Sanjeev became a yoga teacher and teacher for teachers, who bridges the ancient spiritual tradition of yoga sutras with attention to his students’ personal needs and paths. He believes that one can find freedom in a dialogue between ancient wisdom and the truth of individual heart and soul.


Yoga is a path of liberation. It helps us to find our own path intuned with the nature within and without

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